Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Favorite things of 2013

I seen this around booktube and I decided to do one. Its about what I bought/got that I really love/like this year that isn't books.

These shirts I got from rainbow on a clerance rank. I think they was 2 for $10.
This cute box. I love this box. They had bigger boxes and different designs. I got this one at conway for 1.99. If I had a house I would of gotten a big one.

Another box. I have a problem buying cute things. This was $1.99 at Family Dollar.
And another problem, my Inner Child. Slinky and Sand Art. I love doing craft stuff like this.
I love this scarf. Its so long. I got it from some store around where I live. I 
wanted to get a black one too but they didn't have it. I think it was $1.99 or $2.99 
I love this smell. I got this from conway for $1.99. I also like the 2 in 1 but I forgot the name.
This bag I use all the time. I got this in the beginning of the year at walmart.
More clothes from the beginning of the year.
A stocking, santa hat, and a collar with bells for my baby.
A necklace and bracelet that is also a bell.
I found these. The pink one I found at a park and a week later I found the giraffe when I was walking.
I went to Altantic City with my mom in March. I couldn't go in Casinos because I wasn't 21 yet. I loved walking on the boardwalk but it was cold. I also went to the Aquarium. It was nice. I took lots of pictures.
EDIT: I forgot these two
This journal. I love the front and back cover.
My bookshelf which is full.

What did you get in 2013 that wasn't books? 

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