Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Travel

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I haven't been to many places. :(

Places I've been to:
North Carolina (multiple times) - To visit family and for reunions. It was always the same area so we didn't go to any other part of NC.

Jacksonville, Florida (multiple times) - To visit family

Orlando, Florida - Just to Universal Studios (back in 2008) I have a picture of me and my family on the Mummy ride and our faces is so funny, LOL.

New Jersey - Atlantic City (the casinos) and to a state fair.

New York - I live here. does it count? because I do love to travel around the city and go to places I haven't been too.

Places I want to go to
almost any place out of the country


  1. Atlantic City was pretty cool! I went there a few years back (actually more than a few, since I wasn't 21 yet lol), but I was too young to gamble so it was really just to admire the sights!
    I looove Florida! And I want to go to Japan too :)

    Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat

    1. yeah, I wasn't 21 yet either. I just went to the stores and walked on the broadwalk. I also went to walmart and to the aquarium. It was fun. I found a bookstore but didn't go in (i regret that) I also got to see this secret Holographic light display on a building, it was amazing. I want to go in the summer because it was cold when I went.