Monday, September 7, 2015

It's Monday, What are you reading?

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Saturday I went to the Bronx Zoo. My day was almost ruined because of the trains. After the train I had to take a shuttle bus. It took so long and It wasted my time. I made it to the zoo and got to see some animals but not all of them. The one animal that made my day was the Tigers. At first they wasn't in view but I stayed a little and then they came out.

I also saw Goats, Giraffes, Bears, Polar Bears, Reptiles, Rodents, Birds, Lions, Hyenas, African Wild Dog.
Save the Tigers

  • The 3rd Annual Beat The Heat Readathon finished yesterday. You can see my update post here.
Finished Reading/Last Week Reads
Rain by Amanda Sun - The Second book in the Paper Gods Trilogy. I gave it 4 Stars, the main character was annoying in this book. I wanted to shake and tell her to stop being stupid. But I still enjoyed it, I love the concept of this trilogy. Looking forward to the last book.

Ripley's: Crazy Pets and Cute Animals by Ripley Entertainment Inc. - 3 Stars

101 Esstential Tips: Dog Care by Bruce Fogle - 3.5 Stars

Alamanc 2015 by National Geographic Kids - 4 Stars

Next Reads
I will pick up one of these books this week. I bought Carry the Ocean last week on kindle. 


  1. Sorry the time was taken from the zoo visit, but love the pictures. It looks as if you like a lot of YA, some I'm not familiar with. Thanks for sharing!

    1. your welcome and yeah I like YA. Thanks for commenting. :)