Monday, July 11, 2016


The challenge: Read something other than a traditional book
Magazines? Back of a cereal box? Graphic novels?--What is your favorite ‘nonbook’ to read?

I don't read Magazines all the time. I like Cosmopolitan and decided to pick them up from the library. It's just something about the summer that makes me want to read a magazine. I read Graphic Novels, I also get them from the library but I recently bought Descenders, Vol 1 & 2. I love the art to that one.

Manga - I count this as a book but some people don't. I know it's wrong but I read manga online. It's just more quicker and I don't have to wait for the next release. My library doesn't have the volumes to some manga or don't have it at all. But I want to try to read what they have to make it count on goodreads and to support. Right now I'm getting all of the Volumes of Blue Exorcist because they have all the volumes that are in English (I'm going to go back to reading it online cause I know I'm not gonna wait for them to be translated in English). I never read this manga but I watched the Anime and loved it, Can't wait for Season 2!!. 

And I read FanFiction. :) That would be my favorite 'nonbook' read. I read that more than books.

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