Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stacking The Shelves (2)

Won these books in Goodreads giveaway

I finally got this book in the mail today (Sep.16). I won it from a goodreads giveaway in MAY. never got it, tryed to contact the company who gave the giveaway on goodreads, they wasn’t taking messages. Then I complained to goodreads they said they contacted them that it on its way. Another month or so passed, nothing. A couple of weeks ago I tweeted the company on their twitter and they got back to me and they said they was waiting for finished book inventory, i should get it soon. now i got it and i’m happy. :)

This book also took awhile to arrive. I won it on Jun. 6. I never got it, I contacted the person. They sent another one. I get one on July 30. Then another one a couple of days after that. I contacted them back and told them what happened. They said I could give it away, which I will soon..

I won book 2, do not have book one because It sounds interesting, so I entered and won. Now I need to get Book 1. (Sep.13)

I got this in August. Love the Cover and the author signed it.

I won this from randombuzzers in August. I read it and LOVED IT. 

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