Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: Love (Ai) Suilan Lee

Description: Kyo Tatsuya is a painter who has refused to see his lover for two months, while he prepares his final exhibition as a student of Geidai. He tries to reconcile his past,present and a future his family expects him to follow. While cherishing the love he has for Ryuu Shin. 

Kyo Tatsuya is a painter working his way through college and selling his paintings to earn a living. He grew up an orphan living in a foster home with two foster siblings, a brother and a sister.

And then he meets Ryuu Shin at an art exhibition who takes him to meet his real mother. Due to a bad experience in his past, Kyo doesn't believe Ryuu's claim that he has found Kyo's mother.

Ryuu's determination takes him back to his real mother's house, and a love he never would have found were it not for Ryuu Shin.

My Review: I liked Kyu and Ryuu. I liked how when they first met in the beginning. I liked Kyu attituded but it disappears in the end. I didn't like how he gave into his real family, how he took the family name. It was fast, I know it was about ten months but it was quick to me. The other family members was mentioned but was never in the story. I picture this as a Jdrama, it had that vibe to it. 

I got this for FREE on Amazon for Kindle.

3 ouf of 5 Stars

Read: December. 19, 2013 - December. 20, 2013

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  1. Thank you so much for your review, and for reading my book.