Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bout of Books: Monday Update

Monday Progress

Number of Books I've Read Today:
Number of Pages Read: 156
Books Completed Today: 0

Mad Libs
Book Buying Spree

I read 104 pages of Angelfall. I love it. I love the characters. Penryn only focus is to get her sister back and she fights back. Raffe (the sexy Angel, well in my head), he's still a mystery. I want to know why his wings were cut off. When I picture Raffe I see Thor (Chris Hemsworth). :)

I completed my goal to read 100 pages today. I did the two challenges and participated in Twitter Chat. Besides real life, it was an awesome day!!


  1. I have seen Angelfall everywhere. It seems to be the must read book right now. You did great for you first day. Good Luck today.

  2. I LOVE A Monster Calls! It is such a beautiful story, and the illustrations just add so much to the story. I hope you enjoy it! Read Strong!