Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Camping

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Sad to say I have never been camping. But I hope to go one day. I love to have that experience and pitch a tent, make fire, make smores, & sleep outside in a sleeping bag.

I really want to watch the stars at night. Its so Beautiful.

I would also like to explore and find a beautiful spot like this. 
I would take so much pictures.


  1. Those look so perfect! There's this one spot at the campground that my parents go that's right on the creek and nestled into a little copse of trees, so it's kind of private. And it's got its own little picnic table and fire pit on the's amazing! I'd love to find a place like your pictures though :)

    1. sounds cool, I found the pictures online to just show what I would like to see. :)