Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Which ’80s rom-com is your love life?

Which ’80s rom-com is your love life?

Your love life is. . .SIXTEEN CANDLES!

Dreamy. Perfect. Totally unattainable. These might be some characteristics you would use to describe your latest crush, making your love life totally Sixteen Candles. You have a top ten celebrity crush list and can name all the bachelors from the last three seasons. You tend to like someone you barely know, but you’re sure is your perfect soul mate. Go after that hottie! If you never at least try and talk to the dreamboat you see on the subway every day, you’ll never know if he or she is the one for you. Be careful that you don’t place your crush on too high a pedestal without knowing more about him or her. Often, getting to know someone is the best part!

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OMG I own The Promise of Amazing. This is a Sign to read it already. And My Love life is Sixteen Candles?!, I WISH IT WAS!

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