Saturday, October 25, 2014

Spooktacular: Halloween Episodes/TV Shows

Season 2 Episode 7: BOO
Season 3 Episode 7: TRICK OR TREAT
Season 4 Episode 6: TRICK ME UP, TRICK ME DOWN
Season 5 Episode 7: Halloween lV
Season 6 Episode 6: Halloween V
Season 7 Episode 6: Skeleton in the Closet
Season 8 Episode 5: Halloween The Final Chapter
Season 9 Episode 7: Satan, Darling

Bob's Burgers. 
Season 3 Episode 2: Full Bars
Season 4 Episode 2: Fort Night

The Simpsons If you don't know every year they have a halloween episode called The Treehouse of Horror. (Episodes)

Boy Meets Boy
Season 2 Epsisode 6: Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?
Season 5 Episode 5: The Witches of Pennbrook
Season 5 Episode 17: And then their was Shawn. This one is not a halloween episode but it is a thriller epsiode and a very good one. 

That's So Raven
Season 2 Episode 2: Don't Have a Cow
Season 3 Episode 33: Cake Fear 

Lizzie McGuire
Season 1 Episode 24: Night of the Day of the Day

TV Shows
If you don't know this show, where haven you been. I actually watched Seasons 1-3 this year. I always thought it would one of those supernatural shows where its all about the romace, but I was wrong. Yes, there is romance and its tolerable. It has werewolves and other supernatural creatures. Funny and a great cast. I love it. 

Melinda Gordon can see ghost. It isn't easy but she helps these ghost and get them to cross over into the light. It ran for 5 season (2005-2010) till it got cancelled. I seen a couple of episodes and really liked them. I read that people love the cast, the show has plot twists, and its emotional. Netflix has all the seasons and I will be watching it pretty soon.

The Twilight Zone (1959- 1964) Not much to say about this one. The stories are spooky and weird things happen.

Supernatural - Not much to say about this one either, I think every one has seen it.

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  1. I love love love That's So Raven! I grew up watching her and Lizzie McGuire! I remember, I would always get scared whenever I watched those episodes, hahaha. I just started watching Teen Wolf and so far so goooood~~ :)