Monday, November 24, 2014

Anti Bullying Readathon 2014

Booktuber Sarah Churchill is hosting the Anti Bullying Readathon on November 17th-23rd. Please watch the video if you want to know more information.

I will be reading Wonder which is perfect because I was already going to read it. If I finish that and have time I will start Gracefully Grayson.

Wednesday Update (11/19/14)
On page 155 and I'm loving it.

It's 11:40ish and I just finished Wonder. I loved it, it was sweet and heartwarming. It made me smile instead of being sad. I thought that the bullying would be really bad but it wasn't and the bully wasn't really shown much. Besides the bullying It was more about friendship and acceptance. I also love that it was in different POV's of other characters who was going through things too. There was one POV that was weird. The author wrote it different and I know it was because of the character, all letters were in lowercase and I wonder why? I requested Julian Chapter from my library but its already out, I hope I can get it before the readathon is over. I really want to know his story. 

Saturday (11/22/14)
I started Gracefully Grayson on friday night and finished it on saturday. This bok was amazing. I love it more then wonder. I love the writing. What the character went through and how he over came it. He lost friends and gained new ones who accepted him. He was bullied and over came it.

Wrap-Up (11/23/14)

I read Wonder and Gracefully Grayson.

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