Monday, April 11, 2016

Its Monday! What are you Reading?

This meme was hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. Now its hosted by theBook Date. A kidlit version is 

Last Reads
This Ordinary Life - 3.5 Stars

Winger - I really enjoyed the Ryan Dean West Shenanigans. But he was immature and mean. My favorite part has to be the 'Screaming Ned' that was too funny. Also why did that ending have to happen?, it came out of nowhere and why that character? :( 4 Stars

The Season of you & me (ARC) - This is Robin Constantine's 3rd book and I have read them all. I also gave them all 4.5 Stars. I love them. If you love contemporary, I recommend them. 

Currently Reading

Next Reads
I will be reading these four books this week because I'm participating in the Genrethon.


  1. I am not really a fan of Ryan Dean West either. While he has some endearing qualities, he just didn't appeal to me. I haven't read anything by Robin Constantine, so I might give her a try.

  2. Winger sounds fun.

    Love the cover with the poodle on it...cute.

    I hope your week has been good.

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