Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Save the Enemy by Arin Greenwood

Author: Arin Greenwood
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Contemporary
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 288
Publisher: Soho Teen
Published: November. 13, 2013
Source: Own

Description: Everything has been downhill since Zoey Trask’s mother was murdered in a random mugging. Her younger brother, Ben, is on the autistic spectrum and needs constant supervision. It’s senior year, and she’s the new girl at a weird private school in Old Town Alexandria, VA, full of kids who seem too nice to be true—including a very cute boy named Pete. Aside from half-forgotten martial arts and survivalist skills that her widowed father insisted on teaching her (because that is excellent for her social life), Zoey has nothing to offer Pete or anyone else.  

Then Dad is kidnapped. Zoey suddenly finds herself sole caretaker of a younger brother she barely understands. Worse, Ben seems to hold the key to their father’s disappearance in his Dream Diary, a bizarre journal of names and places Ben claims that their mother shares from beyond the grave. And as if Zoey doesn’t have enough on her plate, there’s Pete, who stubbornly refuses to leave her side.

Relying on the skills she never wanted to learn—Dad might have had his reasons after all—Zoey is plunged into a lethal battle to rescue her father, protect her brother, and determine the identity of her family’s true enemy.

My Review: This whole book the main character, Zoey is doing nothing. She letting these people randomly lead her somewhere. She would of been dead already. She is not that smart. I thought she was going to be this kick ass girl who was going to save her dad who was kidnapped. Talking about things that I did not care for and a lot randomness. All of a sudden she starts talking about her clothes, your dad is kidnapped and your thinking about something else. There was no thriller to this or action. She didn't have much contact with the kidnappers. They texted her twice to get something for them and she met someone once who she kicked untill he was down. She mets that person later on again and somehow knocked him out, she did think why is he trying to kill her but never thought to tie him up and ask him. This whole book she doesn't even know if her father is even alive. I got tired of hearing her 'dad says this, dad says that' I don't know what was going on in Peters head, what kind of person is he?. Is he cool, funny, etc. He doesn't even feel mystrious to me. I did not understand the releationship between Zoey and peter. The Author writes a lot of 'she says, he says, I say, peter said, ben said' Its just Plain. The author kept writing four ???? when zoey is asking questions in her head. (Ex. who are the hell is P.F???? who are any of the P.F.s????)

This Quote "I look for Roscoe. I miss my parents. I have this crazy feeling of wanting to make babies with pete." WHAT!? That last sentence is so random.

"as if P.F. is really fucking dumb." The Cursing comes out of nowhere. There was no cursing in the beginning and it just seemed out of place.

She splet with her best friend, Molly's ex boyfriend. Molly was mad at her and she wasn't speaking with her. I guess she still had feeling for her ex. Then her friend gets thrown in to all this mess but then she just disappears. she could be dead. Then at the end pete says he's going to look for her. That whole thing with Molly was confusing.

A lot of Unnesscesary things like a metorite, zoey having to take a diarrhea. She says "I think I might have diarrhea" that was just random. A lot of stuff could of been left out.

I'm only giving it 2 stars because of the plot twist. I didn't like the way it ended.

1 out of the 5 Stars

Read: May. 16, 2014 - May. 17, 2014


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