Monday, April 25, 2016

Its Monday! What are you Reading?

This meme was hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. Now its hosted by theBook Date. A kidlit version is 

I have done something I have never done before 1) I have read 6 books in a week, 2) read and finished 4 books in a day, and 3) I participated in three readathons, Dewey's 24 Hour, Authorathon, and SpringHorror RAT.

Last Week Reads
The Silence of Six (YA) - Love it, I cannot wait for the sequel. 5 stars. 
Blue is for Nightmares (YA) - I read this back in High School and wanted to read it to see if I still like it, and I did not. 1 star.
Ruby on the Outside (Children) - I like the concept, a kid who is dealing with a parent in prison. It had grammer mistakes, a word would be missing or repeated twice. 3 stars.
The Great American Whatever (YA) - It was pretty boring. The romance sucked. The main character only cared about himself. 2 stars.
SOS: A Prequel to The Silence of Six (YA) - Told in the POV of one of the characters who dies in the beginning of The Silence of Six. 5 stars. 
More Tales to Keep you Up at Night (Children) - Great poems and loved the illustrations. 4 stars.

Currently Reading
Started this on Friday and I'am not liking it as much as I did the first one.


  1. wow - six books is a lot of reading! I consider myself lucky to read 3 novels in a week. I would like to read Ruby on the Outside because I like the author's work. The SOS series sounds fascinating.

  2. I have yet to read Winger and very excited for it. Still waiting for my review copy of Stand Off.